Lifestyle Checkpoint Health and Wellbeing Kiosk

The Lifestyle Checkpoint kiosk provides you with the perfect partnership in delivering your company’s Health and Wellbeing programme to your employees.

The kiosk provides your company with a baseline and ongoing measurement of your workforce’s health and wellbeing to reduce sickness absence and leading to a more productive workforce. Regular monitoring encourages behavioural changes and empowers employees to manage their own health better

The compact interactive kiosk can be located in a key area or privacy of an office allowing your employees to self-monitor their health and wellbeing at their convenience.

A.F. Blakemore invest in a brand new Lifestyle Checkpoint machine as part of its health & wellbeing programme, Click here for more info.

Reduce sickness absence

Measuring the 5 vital areas for Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle Checkpoint empowers employees to manage their own health, whilst delivering increased productivity and fewer absences, leading to a more cost-efficient workforce.

Why use Lifestyle Checkpoint?

Promote healthier lifestyles

There are an estimated 7 million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK (5.8 million of which are in England).

Accounting for more than a quarter of all deaths, thousands of lives are lost to CVD every year, approximately 41,600 of which are of working age.

  • 131

    million days lost to sickness in the UK*

  • 27

    million days lost to coughs and colds*

  • 4.4

    days off each year for the average worker*

*UK Office for National Statistics, Sickness Absence in the Labour Market, February 2014

Enable your employees to self-monitor by measuring the vital areas for health and wellbeing.

Track the health of your business

See how companies gained success

Maintain workplace performance

  • health and wellbeing programme
  • We at ATC requested the Lifestyle Checkpoint Machine as part of a Safety Step Up week conducted in the month of October 15. The machine was placed outside of the canteen, clearly visible for the operatives on site to use in their free time. The machine was very well received by all on site, in fact we have had several requests for it to return to site and are now in discussions on hiring one on a permanent basis. It’s easy to use, user friendly and in some circumstances has prompted some operatives to take further action based on results received. I would highly recommend this Checkpoint Machine for all industries.

    Joe Boulter
    Safety, Health and Environmental Advisor
    ATC jV (Crossrail C610)

  • I have been very impressed with the Lifestyle Checkpoint Machine that we have been trialling on the A1 project. It provides a very informal and quick, yet, professional service that allows individuals to be aware and informed on some key aspects of their health and wellbeing. In my opinion, every office in the UK, should have a Lifestyle Checkpoint machine for their staff.

    David Lowry
    JV Project Director
    Carillion/Morgan Sindall
    (A1 Leeming to Barton Improvement)

  • We have found the Lifestyle Checkpoint to be incredibly beneficial, not only in a practical sense of allowing our people to monitor different aspects of their health, but also as an engagement tool, where it has been invaluable. Everybody wants to use it, everybody talks about it, everybody competes to see who’s the healthiest (or who can become healthier faster!). The response from our people to installing this machine has been overwhelmingly positive and I would not hesitate to recommend it as strongly as possible

    Angela Page
    PA to John Jackson
    Allied Bakeries

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